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  • Pet’s will get their own custom care plan
  • Consistent quality services
  • Premium products
  • Pet cuddles are free with every visit

Qualified personal.

  • We have over 25 years of experience in pet care
  • Personal are well trained for their specific skill
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Best Pet care services for your Furry Child

Paw-sitively Swaggin is undoubtedly the best pet care service in Killeen, Texas! We look after your pet and ensure they get comfortable with our environment. You can categorize us as an animal lovers’ pet salon; we ensure top-notch care, including complete bathing, grooming, training, and cleaning services. We’re a full-service pet care facility with highly trained professionals who are certified in their tasks; our team members are passionate about pets; we only hire people that are empathetic towards pets and knowledgeable.

Our pet care services offer complete daycare, bathing, grooming, and nail trimming. We are the leading pet stylist Salon in Texas; our unparalleled pet care services have helped us become one of the most trusted names in Killeen, Texas.


Pet care services we offer are especially for people who are extra cautious about their pets. Your pet deserves the best care, and we understand that sometimes it could be difficult for you to take care of your friend; that’s why we are here to help you!
We’re a full-service pet care facility, elevating the overall healthcare standards as well as establishing new benchmarks for animal care. Our pet care services in Killeen, Texas, are well-known and considered the best amongst pet owners.
Paw-sitively Swaggin is regarded as the best pet stylist salon in Texas; we give your furry child a refreshing and healthy look. We take special care of its care regimen and ensure that everything is in accordance with its preferences.
People often consider pet care services the last resort, but the truth is the opposite. A professional pet care service provider can take care of your pet in a way better manner than your friend or a family member.
Our grooming, bathing, nail trimming, and pet training services … are all designed to uplift the spirits of your furry friend. We are best at training our staff and implementing safety and health measures at our care center.


We Take Complete Care Of Your Child


Basic groom & Bath ,
Nail trim & ear cleaning
(Styling available with added fee)


Brush, Bath & Dry,
Nail Trim & Ear cleaning
(Sheddless available with added fee)

Nail Trim

Clipped or Grinding

Cat Grooming

Shave & Bath / Brush & Bath
Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning

What Clients Say

Because pets can not tell you their impressions

We want our clientele to feel that their pets are getting exceptional service. With your help we can optimize your pet’s visit. Your opinion matters. Tell us what you think about your visit. Recommend a product you would like for your pet. We want to give you the best grooming experience that we can. So please leave a comment in the box provided.

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