Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is essential for every pet owner; as much as you deserve vacations, your pet friend deserves a vacation of their own.

Cat Grooming

We provide comprehensive dog grooming services by a skilled, professionally trained staff in our specialized salon using cutting-edge equipment.

Nail Trim

Paw-Sitively also offers its services in Harker Heights, providing clients value for money and taking care of their loved ones.


Giving your dog a proper bath is quite necessary if you want to build an adequate grooming schedule for your pet.

Blow dry

Dogs don’t enjoy being damp. We won’t just send your pet home with wet fur or a towel-dry after a bath.

Clipping fur

Light trimming, full shave or styling available.


Helps to detangle matted fur, sooth skin and moisturize coat and adds a brilliant sheen.

Blueberry facial

Exfoliates and gently cleans facial area, helps remove tear stains and is tear free.

Teeth brushing

For fresh breath, soothing the gums and control plaque & tartar Available in minty fresh and chicken flavors.

We want our clientele to feel that their pets are getting exceptional service. With your help we can optimize your pet’s visit. Your opinion matters. Tell us what you think about your visit. Recommend a product you would like for your pet. We want to give you the best grooming experience that we can. So please leave a comment in the box provided.

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